Episode 10: The Implications of The Hillary Clinton Email Scandal, an FBI Subpeona, Platte River Networks and Datto

In this episode we explore the possibilities and implications of the Hillary Clinton Email Scandal.


Charles Weaver, CEO of the MSP Alliance


We brought back Charles Weaver, CEO of the MSP Alliance to get an industry thought leaders thoughts as well as Paul Roberts of OC Talk Radio to help peel back the layers of this multi-faceted occurrence with far reaching implications now and in the future.

We ask ourselves questions like:

  • How could this have happened?
  • Was it appropriate for a public official to receive classified email to a public email?
  • Should Platte River Networks have taken on Hillary as a client?
  • What are the proper procedures to protect oneself as a IT firm?
  • Was Platte River Networks required by law to comply with the FBI’s inquiries?
  • What are the legal, ethical and moral implications for the IT Industry moving forward?

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