Episode 11: South Bay Foodies, Linux Engineering, Designing Microprocessors, Azure and AWS

Michael Jenkins, Linux Engineer, Host of South Bay Foodies

Today’s guest this week is Michael Jenkins, Linux Engineer and implementer of Cloud services. Michael has a BS and MS in Computer Engineering from Iowa State University. He has worked for Toyota where he managed the whole shebang, building their Cloud environment from scratch including Amazon Web Services (AWS), EC2 and S3 offerings.

In addition, Michael has utilized Azure and Rackspace among other Cloud vendors depending on the needs of the organization he works with. Today Michael works as a Linux Engineer for Advanstar and also hosts his own podcast called South Bay Foodies based out of Manhattan Beach, CA.

We will be discussing the various Cloud offerings out there, some advantages and disadvantages as well and their specific functions for organizations.

After listening to this episode you will learn:

  • How Michael learned what he knows and got to where he is
  • The Difference between an Application Engineer and Software Programmer
  • Michael’s Definition of The Cloud
  • The differences between Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • The uses of various platforms and how they benefit organizations
  • What excites Michael about the Cloud and its future

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