Episode 12: The Break-Fix Era, Selling SpamSoap, The Future of MSPs and IT Services

David Bryden, CEO and founder of Stonehill Technical Solutions
David is no stranger to IT both on the hardware and software side. Initially, he wrote software for Boeing but realized he was missing personal interaction and the ability to help people.
He then worked for a company that was doing hourly break-fix type of work. After this, he started a company called SpamSoap with 4 other partners which they grew, developed, and sold in 2006.
In 2007, StoneHill Technical Solutions was founded. During the process of deciding what to do, he had various people coming to me for technology guidance and advice.
David had a moment of realization – knowing he could help businesses better leverage technology for growth and success by helping provide strategy and leadership. Since then StoneHill has been awarded World’s Top 501 Managed Service Providers (MSPs) two years in a row.
David loves what he does and is excited to get out of bed every morning and help “so that others may prosper.”
After listening to this episode you will learn:
  • How David Taught Himself Basic Networking Skills
  • Why David went from Writing Software to Managed IT Services
  • The State of Email When David Started His Company
  • The Emergence of SpamSoap and its Subsequent Sale
  • The Future of MSPs and IT Services
  • Why Many Organizations Are Reticent to Make the Leap into IT
  • The Future outlook of The Cloud

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Further Reading and Resources

SpamSoap – http://www.spamsoap.com/

Stonehill Technical Solutions – https://www.stonehilltech.com/
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