Episode 17: The Cloud People, Data Science, and Using Tech for Social Good

Jonathon Morgan, co-host of Partially Derivative

Our guest for the show this week is Jonathon Morgan, a co-host of Partially Derivative, a weekly show about Data and Beer Snobbery. He is also a Data Scientist, Product Leader and Developer of New Technologies.

“For the past 10 years I’ve delivered digital products in agency, corporate and startup environments, most recently focused on product leadership, data science and engineering. I write and speak a lot about building products and data analysis at interactive festivals, data science conferences, think tanks, and even the floor of the African Union. For fun I co-host a weekly podcast about data science and snobby beer called Partially Derivative, and every once in awhile I still find time to write a little code.

Currently I’m using network analysis and machine learning to investigate terrorist networks on social media with JM Berger, author of ISIS: State of Terror, and running technology for CrisisNET, Ushahidi’s platform for streaming crisis data. Prior to Ushahidi I was a startup CTO, Principal Technologist at Bright & Shiny, and Product Manager for a suite of AOL’s media properties — including StyleList.com, which regularly served over 100 million monthly page views.

Last but not least, I run Good at the Internet, a boutique interactive consultancy with clients like the SXSW Interactive and Film festivals.” ~Jonathon Morgan

After listening to this episode you will learn:

  • What the Cloud is and how it operates
  • The various benefits of moving to the Cloud
  • Why owning your own hardware is difficult and requires significant expertise
  • What scares Jonathon about The Cloud
  • How we should pay attention to the reliance on a small group of technology suppliers
  • How Open-source communities and the Maker movement help maintain a culture of openness in tech
  • How Jonathon is using data to benefit society through humanitarian focused efforts
  • How Ushahidi HQed in Nairobi is using technology to solve problems

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Further Reading and Resources

Partially Derivative – http://www.partiallyderivative.com/

Popily – https://popily.com/

CrisisNet – http://crisis.net/

Ushahidi – https://www.ushahidi.com/

Bright and Shiny – http://brightandshiny.com/

Metrio – http://www.metrio.net/en/

The socially responsible investing Atlantic article – http://www.theatlantic.com/notes/all/2015/10/al-gores-plan-to-save-capitalism-does-it-make-sense/410632/


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