The Cloud Episode 8: Rackspace, Hack-a-thons and Coding in the Inner City

Nikki Tirado, Community Manager at Rackspace


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In this episode we interview Nikki Tirado, Community Manager for Rackspace NYC. We will be discussing community engagement, hack-a-thons and coding in the inner city.

Nikki Tirado is a Data Services Community Manager for Rackspace based out of NYC. She is Scrum Master Certified (SMC) and ITIL certified as well.

Nikki has been working with Rackspace since 2011 and has worked in various Business capacities including Business Development, Cloud Product Specialist, Product Trainer and Community Manager.

She is best known for her infectious enthusiasm, energy, and commitment to drive the Rackspace vision. Becoming the first Cloud Savvy certified woman at Rackspace, Nikki is determined to spread her knowledge to Rackers globally.

Nikki has been entrenched in the NYC Tech Community since July 2014, advocating for Data Services through online media and in person at Meetups and events. She is passionate about volunteering for City Meals on Wheels and could never have enough Tres Leches cake.

We’re excited to have Nikki on and hope you enjoy the discussion.

See you in the Cloud!



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