Episode 14: The Woz, Future Stack ’15 Awesomeness, Modern Software and Takeaways [+ Full Interviews]

Well, Future Stack 2015 was awesome!


Myself, Aaron Mangal from Network Remedy and host of The Cloud Radio Show had the pleasure of interviewing, Sam Lambert, Director of Systems at GitHub, Chad Berkely CTO of FlightStats, Abner Germanow, Senior Director of Strategic Marketing and Jay Fry, SVP of Marketing and interim CMO of New Relic.

In fact, we recorded a special episode of The Cloud covering Future Stack 2015 featuring the above mentioned thought leaders as well as some reactions and reflections on what was shared at the event.

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Full Interviews






Sam Lambert, Director of Systems at GitHub

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Chad Berkley, CTO of FlightStats

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Abner Germanow, Senior Director, Strategic Marketing of New Relic

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Part 2:







Jay Fry, SVP of Marketing (interim CMO) of New Relic

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What was Future Stack 2015?

Future Stack was an event organized by the New Relic Team to bring together partners, customers, vendors, press, and all other interested parties in the IT and modern software analytics space.

The goal was to teach people about the future of modern software, how it works, and can be used. This included use cases shared from other companies such as Amazon Web Services, GitHub, MLB, NewsCorp, Time, Target, as well as many other peers and thought leaders.

Designed to bring everyone together in a engaging fun format, events included information sessions, vendor exhibit halls, a hacker lounge, breakfast and lunches, an after party with Weird Al Yankovic, Fireside chat with Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple and many other engaging social events, networking and fun times.

Future Stack 2015 took place on November 11-13 in the iconic Fairmont Hotel in Downtown San Francisco.

Insights from FS 2015

  • Software is the future. Beyond that, monitoring of said software is a new field emerging, ultimately filling in gaps of knowledge where previously one had to guess about causes and effects. But not now. Solutions like the suite of New Relic software services are providing a tremendous amount of insights previously unavailable to organizations who essentially had to guess and develop insights in a very inaccurate methodology.
  • Brick and Mortar as software companies – Many organizations like Target are rapidly finding themselves to be software companies. As companies scale and work to maintain competitive edges, a common insight is how software is a critical fulcrum of innovation for companies previously thought to be non-technical.
  • What does the future hold? Companies will be able to iterate quicker (fail forward fast). With these new insights available companies will be able to operate in much more efficient manners. When projects fail, there will be the insights available earlier to justify this decision (versus moving down a dead end path for longer than necessary).

My inspirations from the Woz: What a guy! He is so friendly, creative and excited about life. He encouraged us to be curious and keep inventing. Woz was extremely persistent with his innovation activities, especially in the pre-Apple days. He told a story where he was designing computer architectures on paper. Then, he would rework them in his mind, How can I make this more efficient? How can I use less parts and hardware? 

He mentioned how people usually stop inventing once they hit a particular point in terms of money or inventions. But not The Woz! For example, with computers, every time new information and manuals would come out the Woz would continuously update his plans until he has essentially mapped out every possible type of computer architecture.

Ultimately he implored us to “stay true to yourself and follow your passions.”

To learn more: check out our Future Stack 2015 episode of The Cloud and 10 Fun Facts We Learned About The Woz

Thanks again to the New Relic team for the wonderful event and invitation.
We look forward to Future Stack 2016!
Show Notes and Further Reading

Episode 11: South Bay Foodies, Linux Engineering, Designing Microprocessors, Azure and AWS

Michael Jenkins, Linux Engineer, Host of South Bay Foodies

Today’s guest this week is Michael Jenkins, Linux Engineer and implementer of Cloud services. Michael has a BS and MS in Computer Engineering from Iowa State University. He has worked for Toyota where he managed the whole shebang, building their Cloud environment from scratch including Amazon Web Services (AWS), EC2 and S3 offerings.

In addition, Michael has utilized Azure and Rackspace among other Cloud vendors depending on the needs of the organization he works with. Today Michael works as a Linux Engineer for Advanstar and also hosts his own podcast called South Bay Foodies based out of Manhattan Beach, CA.

We will be discussing the various Cloud offerings out there, some advantages and disadvantages as well and their specific functions for organizations.

After listening to this episode you will learn:

  • How Michael learned what he knows and got to where he is
  • The Difference between an Application Engineer and Software Programmer
  • Michael’s Definition of The Cloud
  • The differences between Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • The uses of various platforms and how they benefit organizations
  • What excites Michael about the Cloud and its future

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Further Reading and Resource

The Cloud Episode 8: Rackspace, Hack-a-thons and Coding in the Inner City

Nikki Tirado, Community Manager at Rackspace


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In this episode we interview Nikki Tirado, Community Manager for Rackspace NYC. We will be discussing community engagement, hack-a-thons and coding in the inner city.

Nikki Tirado is a Data Services Community Manager for Rackspace based out of NYC. She is Scrum Master Certified (SMC) and ITIL certified as well.

Nikki has been working with Rackspace since 2011 and has worked in various Business capacities including Business Development, Cloud Product Specialist, Product Trainer and Community Manager.

She is best known for her infectious enthusiasm, energy, and commitment to drive the Rackspace vision. Becoming the first Cloud Savvy certified woman at Rackspace, Nikki is determined to spread her knowledge to Rackers globally.

Nikki has been entrenched in the NYC Tech Community since July 2014, advocating for Data Services through online media and in person at Meetups and events. She is passionate about volunteering for City Meals on Wheels and could never have enough Tres Leches cake.

We’re excited to have Nikki on and hope you enjoy the discussion.

See you in the Cloud!



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