The Cloud Episode 0: Introduction to The Cloud Show + Definitions, Service and Deployment Models


Welcome to The Cloud!


The Cloud Episode 0: Introduction to The Cloud Show + Definitions, Service and Deployment Models 

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Thank you for tuning into The Cloud. We’re excited to bring you this production in an effort to increase your understanding of IT services and The Cloud. The Cloud was designed to explore all aspects of the Cloud and how it affects people, enterprises and society.

The Cloud is a series under Network Remedy Radio that originally emerged in partnership with Paul Roberts, the brains behind OC Talk Radio which is hosted in a live studio, in Costa Mesa in Orange County. He regularly steps in as a co-host of The Cloud, acting as the voice of the curious common man.

Network Remedy is the sponsor of The Cloud and was recently voted as a Top 20 Virtualization Company in Silicon Valley by CIO Review Magazine. They have 15+ years of CIO-level IT Consulting, Cloud Hosting and Managed IT Services for small to midsize business, non-profits and government agencies.


Aaron Mangal, Host of The Cloud

In this episode, which runs about 30 minutes, I am flying solo, briefly discussing basic operating terms of The Cloud while keeping things general and detailed but not overly technical.

I will expose you to the big picture concepts, definitions of the Cloud, deployment and service models as well as how it can benefit your organization. Please visit our blog at for further details and visual aids.

Thanks for reading and May the Cloud be with You!

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