Who is Network Remedy?

Network Remedy is a CIO-level IT Consultant and Private Cloud Provider with enterprise clients in Silicon Valley in verticals including Construction, Healthcare, Financial Services and the Non-profit sector.

We are a team of seasoned professionals with experience across industries from marketing, management, business development and of course IT Management and Cloud Technologies.

We thrive because we solved the difficult parts that many firms struggle with, namely people. We not only get to know your business to a T but you as a person. This enables a communicative relationship which allows us to stay aligned with your unique needs.

We discovered that Technical talent can be taught but a positive attitude well, not so much. Did we just say that people skills are harder than IT itself? Yep, they sure can be. Actually our CEO said it on a Cloud Radio Show episode

And that’s why our customers love us. (We also love them.)

NR Company Profile

Founded: 2001

CEO/Founder: Amon Prasad

Size: 50+ Employees

Type: Privately Held

Headquarters: San Jose, CA in Silicon Valley | Satellite Office: Los Angeles

Services offered: CIO-level IT Consulting, Managed IT Services, Network Design and Security, Cloud Hosting, Virtualization, Backups, Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity, Data Center Design

What unique value does Network Remedy provide?

We listen, listen and listen to you, first and foremost. We don’t force you into one option. Instead, we integrate a variety of solutions in a customized way. (At an affordable price too)

We customize solutions for you and hold your hand the entire way. We’re a one-stop shop of end-to-end IT management–not partial services and products that you must assemble. (Turn-key not a 2,000-piece jigsaw puzzle)

We support your bottom line by:

  • Counseling you on the best technologies for your business environment
  • Upgrading your environment to modern enterprise-grade infrastructures
  • Providing hands-on management of computers, data and networks
  • Monitoring and protecting your underlying IT infrastructure from threats – 24/7/365

The #1 benefit to you: You get a robust IT infrastructure without diverting resources from your core business focus. (With top machines managed by CIO-level Managers and Technicians)