Cloud Migration Services
Santa Clara, CA

Cloud migration is not the future of business continuity, IT is fundamental. With Network Remedy, we can assist in the backend implementation of migrating to the cloud. With our AWS Certified Cloud Architects, you’re in the best hands Amazon offers. Our cloud computing services save your team time and money on moving to the cloud. Why continue to have vulnerabilities of on-premises server, when Network Remedy can move your business to the cloud? Ensure business continuity and save your business loss of productivity. 

Secure Cloud Migration

AWS Certified Solutions Architects

Our Cloud Architects have demonstrated they know how to deploy the secure cloud solutions Amazon Web Services offers.


AWS allows for a quick backup in the event of an outage. Servers can be booted quickly, and end-users can continue working in a short amount of time.

24x7 Support

With our cloud services, you receive support 24x7 365 days a year. Support extends to HQ, branch offices, and remote users globally.

Reduces capital and operating expenditure

Cloud services allow fewer facility costs and guarantees 99.99% uptime. That translates to 5 minutes of interruptions per year.

Cloud Migration Benefits

Cost Analysis

With numerous of our clients we have seen a decrease in spending when migrating to the cloud. With a streamlined approach with Network Remedy, we are able to decrease physical costs and materials by moving your load to the cloud. We are also able to cut costs in maintenance and infrastructure using our approach and processes as well. 

With Network Remedy’s cloud migration solution you only pay for what you use. Using the model allows for you to run lean on your IT costs and ensure that you are only paying for what you use as a company, not what a software thinks you are using. 

Pay for what you need

Enhanced Security Measures

With Network Remedy we take extra precautions in all our processes to ensure that your valuable information is protected. While there is never zero-risk with IT, we take all the necessary precautions and steps to mitigate and respond to any and all potential threats that might harm your systems. 

With Network Remedy’s cloud migration solution the growth potential is endless. We create and cater our cloud migration plan for those looking to scale up or down depending on your business flow. If you see a rise in opportunities, we can scale up our infrastructure to ensure that your business does not suffer with the increase. 

Potential Growth Opportunities

Amazon Web Service Certified Provider

With AWS Certification we demonstrate: