Episode 13: Two Hosts and A Cloud, Ecosystems, and The Value of Software

This week’s guest is Brian Gracely, co-host of The Cloudcast, Technologist, Analyst and IT Consultant.

Brian Gracely is no stranger to both Technology, Business and The Cloud. He attended Wake Forest University where he got a BS in Business Administration as well as a MBA in Global Strategy, International Business and Information Technology. In addition, he has worked with many big players in the IT space including Cisco, NetApp, and EMC.

In his own words: “Somewhere near the intersection between new technologies and new business models, you’ll find me. Take complex new technologies, figure out the future business opportunities, connect the dots across the industry, simplify it and explain it to people in suits or t-shirts.”

He is also the co-founder of The Cloud Cast Media which includes an award winning weekly podcast which covers technology industry trends such as Cloud Computing, Mobile, Internet of Things, SDN, Big Data and Social Media.

He can be found on Twitter @bgracely and you can follow their podcast @thecloudcastnet

We will be discussing a macro-level view at The Cloud, How it’s evolved and where the industry is headed.

After listening to this episode you will learn:

  • How Brian got started in Tech and learned what he knows
  • Brian’s definition of The Cloud and the Ecosystem
  • The future of the Cloud and where we’re heading in the space
  • How there is a shift from solely doing IT in-house to options outside of organizations
  • How there is a fear around someone else managing your data
  • How Brian and Cisco discovered massive economic efficiencies in Cloud computing
  • About the Cloud as an accelerator, cost reducer and improver of experiences for end users
  • Automation as a critical benefit of Cloud computing
  • How the value  of Cloud Computing is leveling the playing field for Developed and Developing Countries
  • How Open Source communities are a significant part of the Technological shift we are seeing

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