Episode 29: The Viability of the Break-Fix Model, Troubleshooting and the Future of Tech Support

Matthew Rodela

Founder, Editor-in-chief, Host of YFNCG

Matthew owned and operated Jiffy-PC, a computer consulting company outside of Washington, DC, for 7 years. Now he runs a WordPress Consulting agency called Aledor, a Computer Business website builder service called Tech Site Builder, as well as the Your Friendly Neighborhood Computer Guy (YFNCG) website and podcast.

We’re excited to talk with Matthew about the viability of the Break-fix services and its interplay between Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and The Cloud.

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After listening to this episode you’ll learn:

  • Matthew’s story of how he got started in break-fix work
  • The origins of break-fix and what it is
  • The long term viability and interplay of break-fix with Managed Services
  • How solo IT consultants will utilize a hybridized billing approach

Further Reading and Resources

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