The Cloud Episode 1: Why We’re Doing This Show by Network Remedy Radio

The Cloud Episode 1: Featuring Amon Prasad, CEO and Founder of Network Remedy

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Dear Cloud Curious folks,

Hello there, Aaron Mangal here, host of The Cloud Radio show and I wanted to thank you for your interest in The Cloud and Network Remedy.

We are very excited to bring you this production in an effort to increase your understanding of IT services and The Cloud.

Network Remedy is the sponsor of The Cloud and was recently voted as a Top 20 Virtualization Company in Silicon Valley by CIO Review Magazine.

They have 15+ years of CIO-level IT Consulting, Cloud Hosting and Managed IT Services for small to midsize business, non-profits and government agencies.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what to expect: Network Remedy Radio is an overarching umbrella of Tech Media for free public access. We will be interviewing various subject matter experts to have a well-rounded discussion and learning experience for all.

Why? Educating the public and especially our clients is a huge priority to us which is why we have invested significant resources to make The Cloud and other Tech Media related content available.

What is The Cloud Show?


The Cloud is a series under Network Remedy Radio that has emerged in partnership with Paul Roberts, the brains behind OC Talk Radio which is hosted in a live studio, in Costa Mesa in Orange County. He is also a regular co-host of The Cloud, acting as the voice of the curious common man.

In addition to the studio, we will be podcasting at events and in person, separate from OC Talk Radio so I just wanted you to be aware of our formats.

We hope you enjoy The Cloud and our other content to come under Network Remedy Radio. Please do not hesitate to give us your honest feedback, questions, and concerns.

In this episode, we interviewed Amon Prasad, CEO and founder of Network Remedy. We discuss why we’re doing this show, some basic concepts of the Cloud and how Network Remedy delivers value to its clients.

Biography of Amon Prasad

Amon Prasad

Amon Prasad, CEO and Founder of Network Remedy


Amon Prasad is an entrepreneur, technologist and ex-amateur kickboxer who lives in San Jose, CA with his wife and two dogs. He is also the CEO and founder Network Remedy with over 20 years of hands-on IT experience. He founded the company with no loans, no venture capitalists, based only on a strong consulting foundation, a hardcore service-oriented approach and blood, sweat and tears.

After a decade, Network Remedy expanded to offer cloud hosting, network security, and other IT services. Since then, the enterprise has grown to over twenty staff members, continuously expanding by opening data centers across the country to better serve their customers. Customer range from nonprofits to manufacturing companies to law firms.

After listening to today’s episode you will learn:

  • What The Cloud Radio Show is all about
  • What Virtualization is and how it enables “The Cloud”
  • How metrics contribute to cloud security
  • Common myths on Cloud Security debunked
  • A common Import-Export hacking scam happening today
  • Who Network Remedy is and why we’re doing the show
  • Who Amon Prasad is and how he built Network Remedy
  • How thumb drives are a commonly used hacking tool
  • The Home Analogy of The Cloud
  • How Network Remedy exceeds the minimum industry compliance standards
  • How your office is susceptible to data breaches
  • How NR brings enterprise-grade solutions to small businesses
  • How people are still critical for computers and The Cloud to work
  • How virtualizing graphics and rendering is the next frontier of Cloud Computing

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