The Cloud Episode 33: Building Cybersecurity Culture with Adam Brewer

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Hello Hello!

Thanks for joining us for another episode of The Cloud. In this episode we spoke with Adam Brewer of CyberWise IQ, a company dedicated to educating others on the tenets of Cybersecurity.

I think you will enjoy this very unique yet informative discussion on today’s episode of The Cloud.

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Adam Brewer, VP of Client Relations at Shield Logic (formerly CyberWise)

In this episode you will learn:

  • How human error is the biggest threat of all
  • How Adam and his team approach Cybersecurity from a company culture standpoint
  • What Adam’s definition of The Cloud and Cybersecurity is
  • Some best practices, tips and fundamentals to protect yourself and your infrastructure

We hope you enjoy it!

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P.S. Watch out for this guy!

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