Safeguard Your Operations with Robust IT Infrastructure

Data is pivotal in guiding business decisions today, making it crucial for your company to recover from setbacks both swiftly and accurately. Network Remedy delivers impeccable business continuity, ensuring comprehensive protection for your operations in any situation

Server Backup Solutions

Your Data, Our Guardianship

At Network Remedy, our Server Backup Solutions are the culmination of advanced technology, strategic planning, and unwavering commitment to data protection.

Automated Backups

Automation is key in our backup services. Scheduled to run without human intervention, these backups ensure that your latest data is preserved without disrupting your daily operations.


Security is non-negotiable. Every bit of your data is encrypted, both in transit and at rest. We use state-of-the-art encryption standards to ensure that your sensitive information is impenetrable to unauthorized access.

Off-site Storage

To shield your data from site-specific risks, we store backups off-site, utilizing AWS's secure and resilient infrastructure. This means your data is accessible and recoverable, even if your local systems are compromised.

Frequency of Backups

Our backup frequency is tailored to your business needs. From daily to real-time backups, we ensure that your data is continuously updated and safeguarded against any loss.

Business Continuity Planning

Continuity Is Core to Business

Network Remedy’s Business Continuity Planning (BCP) is designed to ensure that your business’s heartbeat never skips a beat, even amidst chaos.

Disaster Recovery Planning

We don’t just prepare for disasters; we plan to conquer them. Our comprehensive disaster recovery strategies are tailored to minimize downtime and accelerate recovery, no matter the scale of disruption.

Risk Assessment

With our proactive risk assessments, we pinpoint vulnerabilities and implement strategic defenses. By understanding potential threats, we can create effective shields that protect your business operations.

Emergency Response Strategies

Our emergency response is swift and structured. In the event of a disruption, our team is poised to act, with clear strategies to restore systems and operations, ensuring continuity and stability.

Impeccable Backups

Preserving Your Business Pulse with Impeccable Backups

Every byte of data is a beacon that guides your business. At Network Remedy, we understand this profoundly. Our Server Backup solutions are meticulously designed to preserve your digital assets against all odds.

Comprehensive Daily Server Backups

We implement a rigorous backup protocol, conducting daily, systematic snapshots of your entire server environment. This includes all your files, applications, and databases, ensuring every piece of your digital estate is duplicated for safety.

Restore in Case of Disaster

From natural calamities to cyber threats, our disaster recovery protocols are your safety net. With rapid restore capabilities, we ensure minimal disruption to your workflow.

Scalability on Demand

As your business evolves, so do your backup needs. Our services are built on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform, offering you the scalability to grow unhindered.

Ushering a New Era of High Availability

Your business doesn’t have the luxury of downtime, and with Network Remedy, it doesn’t have to. We guarantee 99.99% Availability — an industry apex that translates to nearly non-existent downtime:

Business Continuity

Our strategic planning encapsulates the essence of continuity, ensuring that your operations are always on and always efficient.

Cloud Recovery

Tap into the flexibility of cloud-based recovery. Whether it’s a single file or an entire server, access what you need from anywhere, anytime.

High Availability
Organizational Resilience

Recovery Readiness for Organizational Resilience

Our business continuity solutions are crafted to fortify your organization's resilience, ensuring your operational cadence remains uninterrupted.

Diverse Recovery Solutions

With geographically distributed data centers, we provide diverse recovery options. This geographical spread guarantees that a disruption in one location won't affect your business's overall operability.

Available and Adaptable Infrastructure

Your infrastructure must be as dynamic as the market you operate in. Our solutions are designed for high availability, ensuring that they are ready to scale up or adapt as your business evolves.

A Proactive Approach to Data Security

Network Remedy champions a preventive strategy that anticipates potential data risks and fortifies your systems in advance.

In-depth Risk Assessment

By conducting thorough risk assessments, we identify vulnerabilities within your IT infrastructure, allowing us to create tailored mitigation strategies.

Dedicated SQL Database Protection

Our dedicated backup services for SQL databases ensure that your critical data is not only backed up but is also consistently accessible and secure.

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Centric Backup Solutions

Benefits That Go Beyond Backup

Our Server Backups & Business Continuity services are a testament to our commitment to your enterprise’s longevity and success:

Guard Against the Unpredictable

Our backup solutions are your best defense against unpredictable data loss, whether from cyber-attacks, hardware failures, or human error.

Compliance-Centric Backup Solutions

With a deep understanding of industry-specific compliance requirements, our backup solutions are designed to keep your data safe and your operations compliant, particularly crucial for sectors like healthcare.

Why ChooseNetwork Remedy?

At Network Remedy, we are more than just a Managed IT service provider; we are guardians of your digital continuity:

Local Expertise with Global Technology

Based in Santa Clara, with a reach that extends to San Francisco and beyond, we bring you world-class technology coupled with a community-centric touch.

Holistic IT Services for Holistic Growth

From cybersecurity to desktop support, our wide array of services ensures that every aspect of your IT needs is addressed, allowing for holistic growth and digital security.

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