Mountain View Research Park: Silicon Valley’s Hub for Innovation and Technology

Mountain View Research Park: Silicon Valley’s Hub for Innovation and Technology

Mountain View Research Park represents a synthesis of advanced industry with environmental conscientiousness, designed to foster innovation while nestled within a natural landscape. The research park is a strategic nexus aimed at driving technological progress and economic growth. It provides state-of-the-art facilities for researchers and businesses focused on cutting-edge development, operating as a microcosm of ingenuity and collaboration where ideas can flourish and transform into viable commercial products and services.

Carefully planned to blend with the surrounding environment, Mountain View Research Park is sited to benefit from the serenity and inspiration of the outdoors, ensuring that the ecosystem is preserved and the impact on the habitat is minimized. This balance of development and conservation serves as a model for contemporary industrial parks, advocating for a sustainable approach to commercial growth that respects and integrates with the natural world. Its design and operational philosophy underscore the importance of fostering economic advancement while maintaining a commitment to environmental stewardship.

Overview of Mountain View Research Park

Mountain View Research Park offers cutting-edge office spaces and amenities situated in a prime location renowned for its strong market presence and technological innovation within the Bay Area.

Location and Accessibility

Mountain View Research Park is strategically located in the city of Mountain View, CA, with a zip code of 94041. The park is nestled within several key neighborhoods, including Middlefield, Sunnyvale, Whisman, and the Bayshore/NASA area. This makes it centrally positioned in the bustling technological hub of the Bay Area, with proximity to landmarks such as Moffett Field and the high-tech business district of Moffett Park.

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Transit Options:

  • Transit Score: High
  • Bike Score: Excellent for cyclists
  • Walk Score: Pedestrian-friendly

Nearby Transit Stations:

  • Evelyn VTA parking lot
  • Bayshore/NASA VTA Station

Park Amenities and Services

Mountain View Research Park is outfitted with a range of services and amenities designed for the needs of its tenants:

Office Amenities:

  • Climate control systems for a comfortable work environment
  • Onsite facilities management for immediate response to tenant needs

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Parking Facilities:

  • Generous parking ratio ensuring ample space for visitors and future residents
  • Designated parking areas, including Google Quad Parking and visitor’s parking

Dining Options:

  • A diverse selection of nearby eateries such as Little India Cafe, Sushi Club, Subway, Round Table Pizza, Jamba Juice, Roger’s Deli & Donuts, Carl’s Jr., Joy Sushi, and Khao Kang Thai Kitchen

By providing these comprehensive amenities and services, Mountain View Research Park stands as a beacon of innovation, catering to the needs of technology firms and professionals in the heart of Silicon Valley.

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