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What Is An MSP And What Are The Benefits

What Is An MSP And Why Do You Need One?

Are you consistently having problems with your I.T? Having technological issues leaves your company feeling behind and in a vulnerable position. By now you probably have heard of a managed service provider, also known as an MSP, but may not be completely clear on what they do and if you are in need of one. In this week’s article, we will touch base on some of the duties and responsibilities of an MSP as well as some of their benefits.

What Are Some Of The Daily Tasks Of An MSP?

Working with a managed service provider is a form of outsourcing an I.T department. MSP’s can tackle a company’s network, infrastructure, and security all while monitoring remotely. Below you can find some of the essential duties of an MSP. Keep in mind that MSP’s can differentiate in services offered. It’s a good idea to brainstorm what your particular needs are in order to find the best suited MSP for you.

1. Management of I.T Infrastructure

Most of the time, I.T infrastructure is set up and left to run its course. When we begin to see tech problems, they are usually user related and have a simple surface level solution. As these issues continue, we begin to associate them with day to day tasks. Never really diving deeper into what is causing the problem. Over time however, when the infrastructure doesn’t stay up to date, it can cause some serious problems. An MSP manages all of the areas that lead back to I.T, including the infrastructure. When problems arise, they can pinpoint the root cause, fix it, and prevent it from occurring again in the future. Taking care of I.T as a whole, not just what you see on a day to day basis can help prevent down time.

2. Additional Cyber Security And Cloud Mitigation

Another very important service a lot of MSPs offer is cloud migration. There are many reasons having a server on sight is a bad idea. For example they are easily accessed or can be easily damaged. When handling private information it is important to be as discrete and as safe as possible. Migrating information to a cloud is keeping your private documents and business information from being easily accessible. All while adding an extra layer of protection to your private documents.

3. Remote Monitoring Management (RMM)

Having a well oiled machine is helpful when it comes to running a business. However, who is making sure it’s running smoothly? Managed service providers practice Remote Monitoring Management (RMM). During RMM, MSPs are looking for potential malfunctions in order to prevent them from causing unnecessary downtime. This allows for the oversight of I.T systems to happen remotely and for your business to run successfully with one less thing to worry about.

4. Technical Support To Staff And End User

MSPs can differentiate in local, national, and global services. But they can also differentiate in the hours of operation. When putting together a list of your company needs, having access to technical support for your staff and end user maybe one of your top necessities. Take a look at 6 Tips When Looking For An MSP to help form your MSP needs list. RMM allows for there to be I.T support when the smaller issues arise. MSP’s are not only there for the preventative care but are highly skilled with resolving issues that come up on the day to day basis.

Infographic on the 4 main duties of an MSP

Benefits Of Working With An MSP

Now that you have a bigger picture on what an MSP is and what are some of the services they offer, we can begin to answer the question of what are the benefits of working with an MSP?

1. Provides Experts In Their Field

Managed service providers are established businesses who hire people that are certified, trained, and experienced in their field. Because the technological field is constantly evolving, these technicians are constantly going through training. Staying up to date on new and upcoming systems and technologies. At the end of the day you are going to be getting a whole team, not just an individual, who work together in order to provide the best solution to your I.T problems.

2. Consistent Network Monitoring

Many MSPS offer 24/7 services. When you go with an MSP that is readily available, problems that could have cost you lots of down time and money, could be solved in the matter of minutes. The whole point of RMM is to catch and to resolve tickets efficiently and quickly.

3. Improved Security

One of the many ways an MSP can make your company more secure is by transferring your servers information to the cloud. Here it’s not only safer, but can be accessed by any of your employee’s wherever they may be. MSP’s can also offer different security measures as well as training for your employees.

4. Fill Staff Shortages

One of the reasons you may see an increase in I.T problems is because you may not have enough manpower to fix the issues coming up. Working with an MSP allows for work to be passed off to a bigger team for a fraction of the price of an I.T department. Leading to quicker resolutions and less down time

5. Cost Efficient

One of the major reasons businesses decide to go with an MSP is also one of the biggest benefits. The total cost of an MSP is cheaper than a whole department’s salary. When there is a team of experts remotely monitoring your systems, you begin to notice that the tickets submitted become miniscule. The unprecedented repairs will become less and less. Leaving room to invest in the infrastructure that will allow for your network to continue to run smoothly.

6. Scalable To Your Business

MSP’s understand that the growth of your company can lead to stressful changes. MSPs provide the tools for your company in order to be successful during stressful times by being flexible with your company needs. Whether it’s needing more support or less support, most MSPs set up a plan in order to meet your I.T requirements.

This infographics illustrates the 6 benefits of working with an MSP

Now that you are more familiar with how an MSP works and the benefits they offer, you can better create a list of your companies needs. If you are ready to begin the process, Network Remedy can take care of your technological and cyber security needs with 24/7 availability. Ready to begin? Fill out our contact information to connect with us!

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