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Co-Managing Your I.T Department and The Benefits

In a time where people from all over the world can acquire services near and far to them, companies have grown at an unprecedented rate. As companies begin to feel the pressure, they have realized that their I.T departments cannot handle the rapid growth on their own. Many companies have shifted from relying on their I.T Department alone, to partnering with a third party to co-manage their tech department.

What does it mean to co-manage your I.T?

Co-managing your I.T with an MSP (Managed Service Provider) allows for your growing company to assess which parts of your tech department you’d like to outsource. By outsourcing a part of your I.T department not only are you able to focus on the larger goals and tasks at hand, but you are also partnering up with I.T experts alike. Below you’ll find a three key hints you may be in need of co-managing your I.T department.

1. There is a knowledge Gap

It can be a challenge to keep up with the constant change in the tech industry. Oftentimes this change demonstrates gaps in one’s knowledge and presents an opportunity to broaden your understanding. However, it can be hard to do so while also managing a whole company’s I.T. This knowledge gap demonstrates a point of weakness that you may need assistance with in order to operate efficiently. When you partner up with an MSP, you work alongside another group of experts in your field. Bridging the gap and allowing you to work quickly and efficiently.

2. Your team is running lean

When there is a change in demand for your services or a slight change in your team, you can feel the repercussions if you are not prepared. Not only is your team operating with smaller numbers, but the lack of employees can make your consumers feel left behind. By partnering with an MSP to co-manage your I.T you’ll add extra hands to your team without having to go through a lengthy hiring process.

3. There is an increase in projects

When your business booms with new clients and more projects, you’ll want to do a thorough job in order to keep you clients happy. The happier the clients, the more willing they are to refer your business to others. As you begin to gain more projects, it can feel very chaotic if you are not prepared to support daily tasks while maintaining all hands on deck. Partner up with an MSP to see a smoother transition and to have extra support where you need it most.

Co-managing your I.T department should never feel like you are handing over the reins to a stranger. A partnership with an MSP allows for your internal tech department to partner up and collaborate with another group of experts. All while continuing to have control of how your tech department is managed. This in turn sets you apart from competition and allows for you to provide superior customer service.

If your company is dealing with one or more of the three hints listed above and now need help selecting an MSP, check out our 6 Tips When Looking For an MSP. If you are ready to begin a partnership, Network Remedy can assist in the areas you need! Fill out our contact information to connect with us!

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